Presented by the Society for the Preservation of the S.S. City of Milwaukee & USCGC Acacia

We'll scare the yell out of you.

Every fall the S.S. City of Milwaukee transforms 
Manistee's frightening GHOST SHIP.

Visitors explore all five decks full of thrills, scares and ghostly beings. 

Thanks for a great year! See you next October! 

PHONE: 231 723-3587 

Ghostship Sponsored popcorn night at The Vogue Theatre!

2018 Sponsors

2018 Sponsors

Warnings & Disclosures 
Please read before coming to our attraction.  
This attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.
You will experience loud audio, lighting, extremely low visibility, stairs, inclines and declines, flashing lights, special effects, and sudden actions by actors.
You should never enter a haunted house attraction if you suffer from extreme heart conditions, you are prone to seizures, or have any severe medical problem.

Do not enter the attraction if you are intoxicated, under the influence of illegal drugs or heavy medications. 
If the staff notices you are under the influence/drunk you will be escorted off the ship.
 Do not smoke, run eat or drink in the attraction.
You may not be permitted to enter the attraction or asked to leave the attraction if rules are not followed.

There are no refunds.  

Enter at your own risk. 

Click here for Event Permission Form & Release of Liability